Thursday, 11 October 2012

And to Frankfurt we go...

'Rabbit' has company this year at the Frankfurt Book Fair...a flying pig, purple gorilla and a few other friends, excitedly bursting out to introduce themselves in 'Never, Ever'! Along with all the other lovely books from Child's Play such as 'No', 'Harold finds a voice' and 'The Red Boat' to name a few.

A very kind and thoughtful friend sent me this pic from the Book Fair today, which was much appreciated and made my day! Hopefully I'll get to see the pair at the Bologna book Fair in March.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A doubly lovely day...

Yesterday was a doubly lovely day as I spent the day with my lovely classmates from Cambridge at our graduation ceremony. We were joined by Grayson Perry who received an Honorary Doctor of Arts award for his achievements with his "thought-provoking and uncompromising" art...this was the cherry on the cake for us all! He gave a wonderful speech about following your dreams and how success should be measured by how happy you are, and in what you do...not by riches or fame.

The doubly loveliness was seeing the announcement that Rabbityness is longlisted for UKLA Book Award 2013. I'm so thrilled that Rabbityness is sat amongst such a fantastic and awesome list! 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Quick...FREE School Library Book Packs

'RABBITYNESS' has been chosen as part of a wonderful new Booktrust programme called School Library Pack – books and resources free to every secondary school in England. Register via the @Booktrust link below by Friday 5 October to get a pack for the autumn term! Or email