Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Summer of Colour and Music

I've been looking through some photos from the Summer and found these lovely pictures of children's unrabbity creations. The first group are taken from two school visits in Hackney, it was a lovely hot Summer's day (one of the rare ones), I remember feeling quite nervous, but I needn't had as the children made me feel very welcome! They sat quietly listening whilst I read Rabbityness, then we had a discussion and the children eagerly asked the most fantastic questions. I thought at the time when I saw the sea of hands up, desperately trying to stretch themselves higher to make 'their' hand wonderfully inquisitive young children are and how different the response is sometimes when asking a room full of adults 'any questions?'! I asked the children to think of some other unrabbity things that 'Rabbit' might like to do, here are their wonderful pictures of Rabbit swimming, making a garden, eating ice-cream, dancing and sliding down a rainbow...

 The second group of photo's are taken from another Rabbity event in the Summer, at one of the most wonderful independent Children's Bookshops called 'Octavias' in Cirencester. For me, it is like being a child in a sweet shop, sooooo many delicious books, carefully chosen and where staff know each and every one of them along with their individual qualities. We made a giant didgeridoo which children coloured with stickers and paint dabbers and then attempted to play in a very similar vain to all the other rabbits in the story!!  The day was made even more special by family coming along to support the event, which always makes for a perfect day!