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Lovely Review from a lovely and very inspiring lady


News from CILIP Youth Libraries Group - March 2012


March always feels like a month of promise – the clocks go forward, heralding the start of lighter nights and spring and the possibilities of the good summer we are always promised ( I know it usually doesn’t materialise but we have to be hopeful that this year it will!! ) This month you can look forward to another bumper packed issue full of information and some great give-away offers from our publisher friends. Hope you enjoy browsing through it and don’t forget – if there are any features or new categories that you think would be helpful to you and that you would like to suggest for inclusion in future newsletters please let us know.

Children’s Books Consultant and YLG Honorary Life Member, Wendy Cooling is so excited about ‘Rabbityness’ by Jo Empson being published this month by Child’s Play that she can’t wait to tell you about it!
“An exciting new talent has entered the world of children’s books; Jo Empson’s first picture book is fresh, quirky and wonderfully designed, a complete book to go back to again and again. ‘Rabbityness’, as the title and cover suggest, is set in the world of rabbits and in this world, a little removed from our own, the author/illustrator tackles the difficult subject of loss. The book is very child-friendly and will enable readers to think about loss and come to understand that there is joy in memories and in the future, as well as times of sadness. Many children simply see the fun of the book and want to do some Rabbity painting, but the real magic of it is that it quietly speaks to the child who needs its message.

The text is a treat to read aloud and the words leap through the pages just like Rabbit, the most extrovert of rabbits, does. He does lots of rabbity things but he also loves to paint and make music, in fact do unrabbity things. His disappearance is a blow to his friends but he has not left without thinking about them and enabling them to experience the joy of doing unrabbity things too.
The illustrations and the words work perfectly together to give the story both colour and wonder. Jo Empson uses colour with great confidence and so in fact it’s words, pictures, colour and design working together to make a complete book - don’t miss the end -papers as they’re part of the story too. This book will stay with me always, I love it and I love the look in children’s eyes as they notice the difference between front and back end-papers. Look carefully, enjoy - and yes get your paint brushes out - and join me in the queue of people looking forward to this illustrator’s next book.”
Rabbityness by Jo Empson will be available to buy in April.


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