Saturday, 5 May 2012

Better than lunch...or cheese!

Yesterday at work we had the option of replacing lunch with a 'Wallace and Gromit' workshop...need I say more, there's no competition! What a treat it was...even though I love my food I could quite happily fforfeit lunch everyday to play with plasticine. The very patient Jim Parkyn from Aardman taught us in only a hour to make a Gromit lookalikey, the fascinating thing was that even though as a group our individual Gromits were all different shapes and sizes; fat, thin, tall and small, they 'all' still looked liked Gromit! Here's my attempt, he's a bit wrinkly and more of a 'Grandpa Gromit' but still he's 'my Gromit'. I was going to attempt to do a quick little iStopMotion sketch but his head has just fallen off, so he'll have to have a little repair first! Many thanks to our excellent teacher Jim and I hope you've fully recovered!

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