Saturday, 16 March 2013

'Lists'...books and illustrators yet to discover

The last few weeks we have seen a number of Children's Book Award shortlists announced and I feel so thrilled and amazed that Rabbityness has got through to two more of the shortlists; the UKLA Book Award and also the 'Read it Again' Picture Book Award.

The lovely thing about both these shortlists is that as well as my book being sat amongst some of my favourite picture books, I am also sat amongst my fellow students (and part time lecturer Alexis Deacon) from the MA Children's Book Illustration course at Anglia Ruskin (Cambridge School of Art). This is of great credit to the course leaders Martin Salisbury and Pam Smy and all the wonderful part time tutors Paula Metcalf, Alexis Deacon, John Lawerence and James Mayhew to name a few. Without their endless hard work and drive, the course would not be the success it is known for today and subsequently the picture books which have been born out of this course. I'm sure there will be many more ex-students appearing on future shortlists, some who are at the beginning of their publishing careers and other very talented ex-students yet to be discovered (some of which you might find here

Unfortunately my little rabbit didn't make it from the Kate Greenaway longlist to shortlist, which was disappointing, but I'm still very proud he was on the longlist. The great thing about longlists and shortlists is, it makes you aware of some fabulous books you might not have known about and therefore discover as a result of. I have just started reading one of these 'Maggot Moon' by Sally Gardner. I knew it was going to be a great book when I read the dedication (which I wish I'd thought of) and here it is.....'

'For you the dreamers
Overlooked at school
Never won prizes

You who will own tomorrow.'

(Beautiful dedication in 'Maggot Moon' - winner of Costa Children's Book Award)


  1. Congrats on the long lists and short lists...I'm about to re-locate to Cambridgeshire as I got on the MA course! Agatha and I haven't yet found a copy of your new book in our local store, but hope to soon...

    1. Thanks Sasha:) That's 'fantastic' news, I'm so pleased for you both. You'll really enjoy the course (and beautiful Cambridge which I really miss), it's very hard work, but so worth it! Seems to be such a slow process getting a new book stocked, but you'll definitely find it in Cambridge!:)
      Good luck and I'll look forward to hearing how you get on.