Saturday, 11 May 2013

A box arrived with a VERY special present...

I arrived home last night feeling very tired and under the weather with a bug, only to find a large box awaiting me. Oooooo what could it be?...I had no idea! I ripped the box open like a child at Christmas, inside to my utter delight and surprise was the most beautiful, precious present 'NEVER EVER' character brought to life! This beautiful puppet has been made by my super, clever, talented friend Liza Stevens and will accompany me at every 'Never Ever' book event from now on! 

She has managed to capture the character perfectly, from her attitude, wild red hair loosely held together with bows, the detail of her dress, down to her springy legs! Her rabbit companion is also completely perfect, Liza went to great lengths to find the 'exact' shade of material, which unfortunately for Brad turned out to be his cardigan...thank you Brad I shall be forever indebted to your wardrobe! All I need now is a flying pig, purple gorilla, lion, turtle and dragon!:) More of Liza's wonderous work can be seen on her website A VERY special present from a VERY SPECIAL friend! 

'Never Ever' character made by Liza Stevens

Detail of characters springy legs
Detail on dress

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